The Japanese Society For Surgery Of The Foot



Board of Directors

Hisateru NIKI
St. Marianna University School of Medicine
Sports Medicine Research Center, Keio University
Executive board members
Kazuya IKOMA
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
The Jikei University Katsushika Medical Center
Tsukasa KUMAI
Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University
Hideji KURA
Hitsujigaoka Hospital
Norihiro SAMOTO
Kokuho Chuo Hosupital
Hiroaki SHIMA
Osaka Medical and Pharmacetical University
Masato TAKAO
CARIFAS (Clinical and Research Institute for Foot & Ankle Surgery), Jujo Hospital
Department of Traumatology FUKUSHIMA Medical University / Trauma Center of Southern TOHOKU General Hospital
Dokkyo Medical University, Saitama Medical Center
St. Marianna University School of Medicine
Toshito YASUDA
Osaka Medical and Pharmacetical University
Fukuoka Unibversity
Yasunori SUDA
Shioya Hospital
Yasuhito TANAKA
Nara Medical University


The Japanese Society for Surgery of the Foot (JSSF) is a scientific organization compared of orthopaedic surgeons engaged in musculoskeletal medicine and clinical or basic research of foot and ankle surgery. The JSSF was launched as a study group in 1976 when there were many arguments about clubfoot , which was one of the most difficult to treat among orthopaedic disease. Over time there has been an increase in specialized care for foot and ankle disease and trauma in Japan similar to that in Europe and the United States. In connection with this, the study group became a society in 1991 and now has 1,850 members.

The JSSF changed its organizational structure in 2009 to establish a board of directors to address the needs of the time.

The JSSF has contributed to national health improvements and medical education through annual scientific meetings held every autumn. The number of the presentation was over 400, which included several symposia, instructional course lectures, free papers and posters related to foot and ankle surgery. The JSSF has also focused on postgraduate training through educational lectures and cadaver seminars held every year.

The Society has also been interested in international contributions. Professor Takakura was the leader in establishing the AFFAS (Asian Federation of Foot and Ankle Surgeons) in 1993 and served as the chair of the founding meeting of IFFAS (Asian Federation of Foot and Ankle Societies) held in Kyoto in 1999. The JSSF also has a close collegial relationship with Korea Foot and Ankle Society and the two societies have biannual travelling fellowships.

Today Japanese lifestyle changed significantly due to the aging population and low birth rate and this has had a significant impact on JSSF. The Society will work to develop new knowledge and technology in foot and ankle surgery and share this from Japan to the world.


The 1st President
Yoshinori TAKAKURA
Term:October 2009 - October 2012
The 2nd President
Term:October 2012 - October 2015
The 3rd President
Satoru OZEKI
Term:October 2015 - November 2020
The 4th President
Yasuhito TANAKA
Term:November 2020 - November 2022
The 5th President
Hisateru NIKI
Term:November 2022 -