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Information on SAFE-Q App for iPad

Self-administered foot evaluation questionnaire (SAFE-Q)


Self-Administered Foot Evaluation Questionnaire (SAFE-Q) for iPad APP
【Features of App】

 ・Answers to questions can be recorded chronologically and displayed in a list,
  for comparison with past data and evaluation.

 ・Information on the evaluation of patient treatments can be managed centrally.
  Patient information can be managed:
  Patient name, ID, date of birth, disease information (up to three), answers to questions.

 ・Easy to operate and can be used immediately.
  Patients can enter their answers to questions easily.
  Data saved on iPad can be exported via iTunes.
  Past data saved on PCs can be imported to iPad via iTunes.
  (To read data, data must be converted to the specified CSV format.)

 ・The following is a special Excel file for pasting data exported to PC.
  It can be managed in the same way as normal Excel files.

[Download Excel for pasting] (73.2KB) * iPad app.
【How to install app】

 The app can be installed to iPads from App Store.
 Download site: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/safe-q-for-ipad/id1293649655
 (To install, you need to access the above website from your iPad.)

 For details on the installation method, refer to the Operation Manual.

【Operation Manual】

The SAFE-Q questionnaire and instructions on use can be downloaded in PDF format.
We hope they will be useful for your research.


Updated SAFE-Q Score Table / Standard Deviation Graph and Individual Changes over Time [Radar Chart].

* Update details

(1) Corrected the error in the warning which appears when a number exceeding 10 is entered for Questions 3 and 43.

(2) In the calculation of the standard deviation, the variance function with the denominator of n (n is the number of data to be calculated) had been used but changed to one with the denominator of n-1.

Confirmed that Self-Administered Foot Evaluation Questionnaire created with Windows Office 2007 can be opened with Excel 2003 and 2010.
Did not confirm the operation with previous versions. The questionnaire file may not run properly on these Excel versions.
A file converter is required for opening with Excel versions before 2003.
It must be downloaded from the Microsoft website.
For Apple, confirmed that it can be opened with Excel 2011 for Mac.

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